Turf Masters

Lawn & Landscape LLC

Joshua Schonhorst

Owner-Production and Account Manager

+1 319 330 4259


Degree Earned:
Univertsity of Iowa
B.A. Liberal Arts

About Me:
Ever since I was a kid I loved playing sports and being competitive at what I do. I carried this trait over into lawn care at a young age mowing the neighbor's lawns with passion and treated it like a sport, always pushing myself to do the best work in the shortest amount of time. When I was 16 years of age I got my first truck, a 4 cylinder Nissan aka "The Beast" and started mowing with Curtis Dillon and at age 17 I got my first zero turn mower. After high school I moved to Iowa City for college and started mowing lawns as A-Team lawn mowing, in 2004 I started Turf Masters with Curtis. After I had started Turf Masters I began to put school on the back burner and took a break for a few years. In the meantime I took some landscape construction and soil classes at Kirkwood. Later I ended up graduating with a bachelor's degree and went through the entrepreneurship program at the University of Iowa. I have been a certified applicator since 2005 and I started Ponds Iowa, a pond maintenance company with my brother in 2012. I stay active and am a big fan of exercising the body and mind to stay healthy and fit.