Turf Masters

Lawn & Landscape LLC

What people say about us

Turf Masters has been my premier lawn and landscaping company for the past 5 years. Before they started my lawn looked horrible, I had retaining walls falling over and plants that looked like they were on their last leg. After their first year of renovating my yard, it looked amazing! I had a full, lush green yard, my retaining walls looked like new and my old plantings miraculously came back to life and looked beautiful. They have remained my full service lawn and landscaping provider and will continue to have my business for years to come!
James Williamson, Iowa City, IA.
Our snow removal has been excellent! In years past we have had to have a clean up crew for the sand and salt mess. Our lot looks so much better this year! Thanks for doing a great job!
Margaret Harris, Boston Commons Condo Association
Thank you very much, thank you for your patience and your great finish work. The weather certainly cooperated with us, we will be in touch for our next retaining wall next year!
Mary McCarthy, Green Valley Condo Association

Why choose us?

We want to provide the best for our customers and our employees so we use top-of-the-line, industry leading equipment with strict equipment maintenance to provide effective, uninterrupted high quality service.

For example, our riding mowers are equipped with a true suspension system that reduces scalping of lawns while maintaining optimal speeds, even on rough terrain. This promotes a healthier, better lawn and creates a safer, more efficient work environment for our operators by reducing impact to the operators back and other related work related injuries.

Turf Masters sharpens blades 3 times a week and inspects tire pressure on all equipment to ensure an even manicured cut. Every commercial mower has a chute control to reduce or eliminate the clippings on mulch beds, concrete areas, building structures etc. Lawn patterns will be switched weekly to prevent bruising of turf and give the lawn an aesthetically pleasing stripe pattern.
Our prices are competitive and fair.

Our price might not always be as low as the neighborhood teenager, but we provide you with an outstanding price for the professional level of expertise and care you will receive.
Turf Masters is full service and takes great pride in its ever increasing roster of return clients.

Since we tend to work with our customers over prolonged periods of time, we come to understand their particular needs and dedicate ourselves to fulfilling them. We will walk your entire property, understand growth cycles for each plant, hand prune them whenever necessary - and save you time and trouble, which you might otherwise invest, if you choose to hire several companies to take care of your lawn for you.

Management team

Curtis Dillon
Owner / President
Joshua Schonhorst
Owner / CEO
Joshua Borntreger
Operations Manager
Chris Lee
Landscape Manager
Chris Bunting
Mowing Production Manager
Lara Abrams
Office Manager